"Real life has surface noise".     John Peel

The C30 Edit

I’m a Digital Artist, Photographer and iPhoneographer, challenging pre-conceived notions of what people with visual impairments can achieve. I have been making photographs and creating art exclusively with mobile devices since 2012. In 2014/15 my solo exhibition ’Seeing The Unseen’ was the first show of its kind in Scotland to consist entirely of work created on mobile devices. 


I devise and deliver tailored mobile photography workshops and have led courses in Flower Photography, Location Photography, Creative Landscape Photography, Creative Post Processing, Building self esteem through creative self portraiture and storytelling (workshops for primary school children) and A Mindful Approach To Mobile Photography.

Since 2016 I have been focused almost exclusively on creating my own photographic image based work.

The C90 Mix Tape

My background is in the independent music industry. In 1982 I launched the Pleasantly Surprised cassette label and in 1985 the Cathexis Recordings record label. Releasing material from Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, Test Dept, Primal Scream, Eric Random, Ludus, Billy MacKenzie, Virginia Astley, Modern English, Sonic Youth, Mark Stewart, Coil, Current 93, Dif Juz, Dance Chapter, The Wolfgang Press, Artery, Band of Holy Joy, Pink Industry, Fini Tribe and many, many more. There was also a period of being a DJ for Scottish pirate radio station ‘Radio Mercury’ and writing reviews and columns for several magazines including Variant and Music From The Empty Quarter.


I produced several editions of ‘Total’ an audio / visual publication covering art, sound and transgressive media that included contributions from Coil, Derek Jarman, Malcolm Poynter, Robert Anton Wilson, Andrew Lagowski, Greater Than One, Boubonese Qualk, Flux, Nocturnal Emissions, Zoviet France and The Anti Group to highlight just a few. I curated 2 volumes of ‘solar: A Music Travelogue’ for the American Solielmoon Recordings label. These featured contributions from, amongst others: Paul Schütze, Tuu, Scanner, Dallas Simpson, Max Eastley, O Yuki Conjugate, Jorge Reyes and Rapoon, 


I promoted live music events including the first live performance in Scotland from Test Dept at Sir Henry Wood Hall / Scottish National Orchestra Centre. For a few years I curated events for the New Visions International Film, Video and Media Festival including performances from Ambient masters Tuu and Sound Artist Max Eastley. ‘drift’  was a Sound Art and Acoustic Ecology festival that I devised and co-curated for the arts organisation New Media Scotland which featured performances, talks and installations by (amongst many others) Max Eastley, David Toop, Dallas Simpson, Greg Wagstaff, John Levack Drever, Michael Prime and Kaffe Matthews. The festival extended to internet streaming of themed curated sound art programmes. 


For over twenty years I was a freelance Graphic Designer within the arts sector in Scotland working with a broad range of clients including Pan African Arts, Scottish Academy of Asian Arts, Trongate 103, James Caird Scholarship Trust, Variant Magazine, Matters Magazine, Free Association Magazine, New Media Scotland, Glasgow School of Art, Scottish Sculpture Trust, Yorkhill Childrens Hospital / NHS Trust and D.O.R Records London. 


For sixteen of those years I was based at Street Level Photoworks (a lens based media gallery) in Glasgow and worked with a large number of photographers and artists in prepping their work for exhibition, retouching prints and negatives, formatting work for print, designing exhibition catalogues and publications and maintaining the website. Many photographers left a lasting impression and some were inspirational.