Remixed Photographic Fiction.


Being visually impaired, getting things ‘right in camera’ as so many photography publications, websites and ‘experts’ advise you to do, is not an option. Attempting to hold an iPhone (my camera of choice) and a pocket magnifier whilst trying to capture scenes in the street is an ongoing technical challenge and a physically uncomfortable process. An issue for me is ‘after image’, where a partial image in bright light stays on my visual field for longer than it should, as I catch glimpses and fragments of passing events in my limited peripheral vision. This is in addition to the persistent visual noise like grain on a VHS tape. I am learning how to deal with the limitations and devise new approaches to photography.


Cut–up / collage and remix culture within music has always fascinated me with the skill of adding samples, layers and disparate elements to create completely new works. I have taken this method into my own visual style by curating imagery from the scenes and passing moments that I capture and combine these with processed sections from found photographs. The end result is equal parts chance and intention.


Drawing inspiration from the photography of Richard Koci Hernandez, Giacomo Brunelli and Anton Corbijn, I have chosen to present the work in black and white, bringing attention to the grain, textures, moods and tones and indeed the timelessness that monochrome work brings with it.